To keep working healthy

Reasons for poor work / low productivity at work


Headache, stiff neck, low back pain, cramps, pain associated with writing, gastrointestinal distress etc.

Long time Sitting

It will help you gain weight. Doing so increases the burden on the heart and indirectly causes hypertension and increases coronary heart disease. Of course, it also affects physical condition and productivity.

Drinking party

If you drink a lot of alcohol, you may get alcoholism. This is caused by excess alcohol. The liver is in a state of shock because it has a low ability to break down and is easily stunned. It also affects the performance of the next day.

Focusing on health leads to securing human resources

Even in the aging workforce place,
Make up for health and labor shortages!

Whenever you like 

Can be selected Freely

integrated management system

At the office or at home Let's move the body wherever you like.

Online learning is possible

Live learning Possible

Visualization of growth

AI Demo

Award record

Through national contests, LUDO has been recognized as an influencer, and  are selected as a finalist by Japan's No.1 national engineering organization NEDO.

2018 NEDO Technology Commercialization Program